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Understudies the individuals who seek after software engineering at expert’s or four year college education level, study programming dialects in just hypothetical structure. It turns out to be difficult for understudies to understand programming dialects with any commonsense execution. Along these lines, understudies frequently wind up in a position where they can’t finish their c programming tasks with no direction or help from outside sources. Perhaps the best wellspring of all data today is the web. From online sources, understudies can look for assist with C programming tasks to finish them easily.

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As PCs have become fundamental piece of our advanced life, understudies are needed to take software engineering with their significant courses. C is a programming language which is consistently there in software engineering educational plan and for some understudies it’s difficult to see just by considering it hypothetically. An understudy who has some expertise in different subjects deal with issues on taking care of c programming tasks and looks for C assistance from an online c task aide. A huge number of understudies look for assist with c programming help from our site to benefit our ability to direct them through their tasks.

C Programming Homework Help Topics

Writing, compiling, and debugging programs;

  • C file structure; variables;
  • Preprocessor macros;
  • Functions and problem statements;
  • Types, operators, expressions
  • Returning from functions
  • Arrays, Pointers, Strings, sorting and searching algorithms
  • Linked lists, trees
  • Multidimensional arrays, Pointers to pointers, stacks, and queues
  • Using and creating libraries, B-trees, and priority queues
  • Function pointers, hash table

Some Facts About C

The predecessor of C was B language. It was available during the 1970s.

  • The invention of C programming language was done write the UNIX operating system.
  • C programming language is the most popular and widely used programming language.
  • C is used for implementing most of the software.
  • The most popular operating systems Linux and RDBMS MySQL is written in C language.

Uses Of C Programming Language

A-C program can be written in three lines to a huge number of line with text documents having expansion “.c”. The codes of C language run as fast as that of low level computing construct and thus it was received for framework improvement language. A portion of the employments of the C programming language are:

  • Language compilers
  • Operating systems
  • Text editors
  • Assemblers
  • Print spoolers
  • Modern programs
  • Network drivers
  • Language interprets
  • Databases
  • Utilities

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C Program Structure

A-C program is a structured language. It consists of several parts which are essential for writing a C program code. Some basic parts present in a C program are:

  • Preprocessor commands
  • Variables
  • Functions
  • Expressions and statements
  • Comments
The Basic Syntax Used In The C Program



A token is a keyword, a constant, an identifier, a symbol or a string literal.


Semicolon is a statement terminator of a c program. Every statement ends with semicolon which shows the end of a logical entity. An example is:

printf(“Hello, World! n”);

return 0;

The two lines are two different statement ended with a semicolon.


Comments are the helping texts of the c statement which are ignored by the C compiler. Comments starts with /* and ends with */ as show in the following example.


Identifier is the name that is used for the identification of a function, a variable, or any other item. An identifier starts with a letter or ‘_’ which is followed by a zero, digits and underscores. Punctuation is not allowed in C characters like $, @, and % in the identifiers.


Some of the keywords that are reserved words used in C are:

  • Auto
  • Long
  • Break
  • Register
  • Rypedef
  • Case
  • Return
  • Extern
  • Char
  • Int
  • _Packed
  • Float

A blank line which the C compiler fully ignores is the line which contains only whitespace maybe with a comment. Whitespace is used to describe the tabs, blanks, comments and newline characters in C. the use of whitespace is to separate one part of a statement from another. It enables the identification of the beginnings and endings of one element in a statement by the compiler.

Types Of Data

The data in C can be classified into four types.

  • Basic type: These are the arithmetic data type. These are further classified into two groups- integer type data and floating-point type data.
  • Enumerated type: These data are arithmetic data which are used to define variables which can only assign discrete integer values in the program.
  • Void type: The void indicates that there is no value available.
  • Derived data: derived data includes- array, pointer, structure, function and union types of data.

Variables are the name given to the storage area that can be manipulated by the programs. The variables are of specific type, which establishes the layout and size of memory of the variable. Variable names can contain digits, letters and underscore characters however it must start with an underscore or a letter. As c is case sensitive, uppercase and lowercase letters are distinct. Some basic types of variables are int, char, double, float and void.

The variable definition commands the compiler how much storage is required to create the variable and where it will be stored.

The variable declaration tells the compiler that a variable exists with the given name and type, so that the compiler can continue to compile without requiring all details about the variable.

Constants And Literals

The fixed values which are not altered during the execution of a program are referred to as constants. Constants are also known as literals. Constants can be of any data type such as a floating constant, an integer constant, a character constant etc. constants are similar to the regular variables except the fact that their values cannot be changed once they are already defined.


Operators are the symbols that command the compiler to perform specific logical and mathematical functions. C language has the following types of operators that are used in writing the program statements.

  • Relational operators: ==, !=, >, <, >=, <=
  • Arithmetic operators: +, -, *, /, %, ++, —
  • Bitwise operators: &, |, <<, >>
  • Logical operators: &&, ||, !
  • Misc operators: sizeof(), &, *, ? :
  • Assignment operators: =, +=, -=, *=, /=, %=, <<=, >>=, &=, |=
Decision Making

Decision-making structures are structures that are the conditions that are specified by the programmers along with the statements so that they are evaluated by the programs to determine whether the statement is true or false. A typical decision making structure is given below:

  • If…else statement
  • Nested if statement
  • Switch statement
  • Nested switch statement

Advantages Of C Programming Language

  • C language goes about as the structure squares of numerous other programming dialects.
  • C language has different information types just as incredible administrators.
  • Programs that are composed utilizing C are quick, straightforward and proficient.
  • C language is exceptionally compact and can be utilized in any PC.
  • C language I simple to learn for amateurs.
  • It upholds solid dealing with.
  • C programming language can emotionally supportive network programming.
  • Good designs are upheld by C.

Disadvantages Of C Programming Language

  • The concept of Oops is not there in C language.
  • Runtime cannot be checked in C language.
  • No strict type checking is available in C.
  • Namespace concept is not there in C.
  • C does not have the concept of destructor and constructor.


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